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Over 17 years of practical and logistical experience with a heady mix of creative talent, fiery enthusiasm and passion for good design, Montague Designs helps in all aspects of accommodation, show presentation and support.


Regardless of the scale of your project, location in the UK or accommodation type, Montague Designs can help. Whether it be a quick freshen up or a complete refurbishment project, you’re in the right place.

Nathalie started in the park and leisure home industry, gaining valuable experience on holiday parks and for accommodation providers. Working in sales, after-sales, customer service and marketing before moving on to roles which involved buying and selling and working directly with customers. This experience has led to a great understanding of the operational needs of accommodation businesses, the importance of attention to detail and going the extra mile, and crucially, how to prepare well to convert interest into a sale.

Nathalie’s path continued from holiday home sales and marketing for parks to working with and for manufacturers, and in recent years, as the design manager for two of the largest and most popular lodge and residential home manufacturers in the UK; Omar Park Homes and Wessex Unique Lodges. Well known for concept originality, she has been at the forefront of developing several new homes and interiors which have gone on to be the talk of the industry and highly acclaimed.

Crucially these have been very well received by buyers, and as a result, these models now stand proudly on many developments around the UK. For Wessex Unique Lodges these stand-out models included the much-publicised Spinney and Allure, the Classic and Contemporary on the lodge side, and the Dorset and Canford residential homes. For Omar, she was credited for past versions of key models such as the Ikon, and more recently one of their best-selling models, the Accent. Nathalie lives in Suffolk but is used to travelling around the UK, having worked with many leading, high-profile and cutting-edge parks and developments over the years.

While Nathalie is used to working within specified budgets and briefs, when inspired to do so she is not afraid to present something a little different from that which is expected, and therein lies her genius. While perfectly capable of playing safe, she would be the first to admit that her best creative work has happened when given the go-ahead to let her imagination take the lead.

Montague Designs was founded in 2021 when it was the right point in time to create a new, extended range of services, offering these services to the accommodation sector. Coming at a time when providers for both the property and leisure accommodation will be regrouping and refreshing their offering ready to restart again in earnest, Montague Designs as a business is also designed to help meet a burgeoning need from new and developing destinations in the process of getting ready for the first time. Their extensive knowledge and understanding of property presentation, interior design, furnishing, procurement and finishing makes them the must-have company to have on board as a valuable out-of-house resource.

In such a competitive market, at times such as these, stand out from the crowd.

Montague Dallow

 (Floyd, Montague Designs 2021)

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