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Apartments, cottages and houses

Design, furniture and soft furnishings
We offer a complete package of interior design, furnishing and staging, helping property owners renovate or refurbish residential or holiday letting spaces. You can opt for the complete package or select elements as you wish.

After a chat to establish your needs and budget we will provide you with a detailed quote and schedule for the job. Once approved we will create a digital mood board so you can start to see your project come to life. Rest assured, we are only a phone call away at all stages of the job.

Lodges, caravans and park homes
Montague Designs offers a complete service for lodges, caravans and park homes, from designing a holiday home layout specifically to your requirements to supplying all of the furniture, soft furnishings and home accessories.

If you are creating a new space or refurbishing an existing one you can be assured that with our extensive experience we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

From one-off designs to a refurbishment of a whole fleet we can help. If you are at concept preparation stage with your development and need early help from a design, dress pack or theming perspective please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Home accessory staging packs
We know the importance of presentation when selling a holiday home; it needs to look welcoming and sell the lifestyle you have on offer.

Not only can this help your accommodation hold a good price, but it can also help it to sell quickly as it will ‘speak’ to buyer’s emo7ons more to prompt them to act. We create bespoke staging packs that are tailored to the make and model of your home and with your location and target market in mind. Once created we can either send the pack for you to dress the home yourself or, dependent on location we can dress your home for you, so it is ready to be viewed the minute we leave.

If you choose for us to send your pack, we will package it per room to make it easy to unpack. For those still not confident of where to place items, we are more than happy to talk you through it via a video call.

Prices for bespoke packs begin from £1,700 + vat and delivery. Please contact us for more information.

Show homes
Show-homes, launches, open weekends and events
Should you have an event, launch or an industry trade show within the UK we can assist with:
Dressing and staging of your home or building.

Modular buildings
We can work with modular building suppliers, employers offering worker units, local authorities and hospitality businesses to provide furnishing, utility items and staging for a wide variety of units.

This is a massive growth industry at the moment, and we recognise the need to furnish units to time and on budget. Please contact us if you have an upcoming project you’d like us to quote for or work with you on, or if you’d like to add us as a resource for your end users/occupants.

Property owners and occupiers
We can offer home packs according to the size and layout of the property in question and the way it will be used, so our service is perfect for those looking to kit out spaces ready for occupation on a permanent or temporary basis.

The way we work makes sense business-wise – we create tailored package options for you to choose from and you assign the budget. Everything will arrive ready to unwrap and add to the rooms, so there’s no wastage or lost 7me, and the property is welcoming, functional and ‘ready to go.’

Home offices, garden buildings and Granny annexes
From 2020 there has seen such a huge increase in people working from home, with many needing to create an area where they can work, enjoy a hobby, help children with schoolwork or a Granny annexe for multi-generation living.

We can help you create with dedicated or multifunctional spaces, and can offer as much or as little support as you need with the process, from initial design ideas to furnishing and staging your building, and organising items to be delivered ready to transform your space.

If an area of your property is desperately in need of a makeover and you don’t feel you have the time or expertise, then we are happy to step in to help you make it happen!

Glamping and pods
Whether you have a single unit or an entire fleet to kit out, we can help your accommodation stand out. With the staycation boom continuing and the number of glamping properties increasing you need to ensure you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

With our experience of holiday letting, we know what matters when dressing and equipping a holiday home practically and visually, whatever the size.

Adding ‘Instagrammable’ interior elements will not only add to the visitor experience to help ensure repeat bookings but it will also make it more likely that they will share their photos with their audience too.

We will work with you to create the idyllic holiday home interior to add that level of appeal by providing a bespoke and well thought out accessories pack that not only gives the customer all that they need but it can also take into account your target market and your local area, resulting in that all-important “wow” factor!

To chat through your requirements give us a call.

Marketing suites, show centres and reception areas
We are regularly called upon to work on the front-facing spaces within businesses to ensure they reflect the business offering in an inspiring and uplifting way. We will tune into the ethos and aims of your business to create functional and eye-catching spaces your staff and visitors will love to spend time in.

External spaces
We’re not limited to indoor spaces, as many properties flow into outdoor areas via decking, paving or balcony space. We can help you make the most of these areas, making the most of them in a way which extends your overall design theme or does something different to add quirky and original outdoor living or working space.

Boats - private and hire fleet
Whatever your space, you’ll want to make the most of it. We’d love to ‘float your boat’ by refreshing it visually according to its intended use, so if you bring us on board we’ll aim to make it an inviting haven for all who hope to sail in her.

With a passion for sailing in-house and an award-winning heritage on the water we also know what will work practically, so if you are finding yourself spending more time on board nowadays, let us help you enjoy it a little more.

House, boat builders and architects
For those needing design and staging partners on board for high-end design projects, we are perfectly placed to help. Our experience in developing cutting-edge interior designs will help as part of the concept development and then the marketing mix, and we are no strangers to rave reviews from journalists and industry experts. We’re very happy to discuss your project aims and are never stuck in
one design theme or style – we’re well known for fresh, eye-catching and innovative interiors which help grab attention in print and online.

Student accommodation, first homes and executive spaces
We offer a range of turnkey options to help you if you are about to move into a new property.

Student accommodation
Whether you are moving into a room on campus or a private student let you will need everyday items for day to day living. Working with a leading supplier of standard inventory packs we can offer a range of sizes dependent on your needs, Or, if you have more specific requirements we can create a pack for you.

“Bottom drawer” wedding, first home or home move packs
Buying your first home can be a bit daunting, and you’ll need quite a few basic practical items to get you started. Whether you are short on time and just need this organised for you or need help sticking to a budget, we can help. We also offer packages which can act as a gift pack or wedding/moving present list, managing multiple contributors to an overall package if needed – just ask us for details!

Home move packs
If you’ve ever walked into a showhome you’ll probably love the aspirational feeling it gives you, and even if you don’t like that particular design style, you’ll probably enjoy walking into we-designed spaces with a completely fresh feel. There’s a particular kind of magic to it.

The problem with that is that the home you may buy might not actually be the showhome, so will be more likely to come ‘undressed’. That could make you feel a little flat and deflated when you actually move in unless you plan ahead to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Not everyone wants to take all the items from their last home with them, and many will have a clearout and treat their new home as a bit of a fresh start, particularly from a dressing perspective. That’s where we can step in to deliver that beautiful showhome feel, but in a style to suit you.

We can offer home packs according to the size and layout of the property you’re moving into, so you’ll find it easy to stick to a budget and everything will arrive ready to unwrap after you get the keys and are ready to move in.

That can even go a step further to included furnishing and staging and by handing the planning, sourcing and logistics over you will find it much easier to stick to a pre-determined budget. At a time when you will be busy with other things such as packing up your last property, dealing with paperwork and managing work and family commitments, we can remove some of the stress and take the strain.

Not only will we be able to make sure that your new home is fresh, exciting and to your taste, but if you hand this element over we’ll take the strain, keep you to a budget and best of all, you’ll have everything you need to turn your new property into a home, straight away!

Executive properties.
In today’s busy world, time is precious. If you don’t fancy trawling through design and shopping options, and want your new pad to look really stunning, then let us help. You can still lead the in the consultation process so we can make sure we create interiors you’ll love, and can incorporate a few high-impact pieces visually. Once we have a feel for your tastes and interests and the way you live your life, we’ll come back with a plan to do the rest for you to let you focus on what YOU need to do.

Contact us today for a quote.

Estate, and holiday letting agents and landlords
Whether you have residential or holiday property we understand the importance of presentation and finishing touches. We work with you to create a home accessory staging pack that not only works well with the décor, building style and location, but we can also work to a theme if you’d like us to – perhaps a focus on a coastal or woodland location. Prices will vary on the size of the
property. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

In such a competitive market, at times such as these, stand out from the crowd.

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